As the autumn leaves begin to fall, the world of men’s fashion starts shedding its traditional confines as well. Fall fashion no longer means wearing muted hues and rigid suits buried beneath overcoats. The international menswear stage for Fall/Winter 2023 is setting a fresh tone with a resurgence of classic essentials. 

Long floor-grazing coats, oversized blazers and deconstructed suits are reclaiming their prominence, reinterpreted with a modern flair. This year’s fall fashion for men also encompasses non-conformist styles like audacious dude skirts and maxis redefining the boundaries of self-expression. 

fall fashion for men
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Within the realm of prints and colours, designers and brands are pushing the envelope, infusing vibrant shades such as Bottega green and futuristic purple into the traditionally muted winter palette. This bold departure from convention breathes new life into the world of fashion trends for men in 2023.

In terms of fits and fabrics, the call for comfort takes precedence over all. Cosy materials and knit fabrications dominate the landscape, giving rise to styles that not only look impeccable but also feel incredibly soft against the skin.

Simply put, this season truly is a period of sartorial innovation. So with that in mind, let’s decode how men should dress in line with the upcoming fall/winter trends.

Top 8 fall trends for men to consider in 2023

The Long Coat: Staple of all staples


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Well, no surprises here!

Coats are quintessentially the staples of all staples during colder months. This year, the style directive for winter 2023/24 champions the long maxi coat as the star of the season. Whether fashioned from luxurious leather, classic tweeds, soft cashmere or trench materials, these floor-grazing coats are dominating the fashion scene.

Invariably draped in deep black, these coats exude an aura reminiscent of iconic figures like those from The Matrix or the enigmatic Nosferatu. The long coat is not only a statement of style but a testament to the bold and daring fashion choices of our times. This trend takes its boldest form in the shape of the large pelisse or cape, a piece that challenges convention by allowing the wearer to embrace the elements. You could even keep the styling bare-chested or bare-legged! This daring interpretation of the long coat can be spotted at fashion powerhouses like Gucci, Loewe, Dolce & Gabbana and AMI Paris, among others.

Loose Trousers: Perfect for a relaxed Fall 2023


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This fall, men’s fashion takes a cleaner but generously wider turn with the spotlight on oversized trousers that offer just the right dose of cosiness for the approaching colder months. These trousers gracefully drape and occasionally gather at the bottom of the legs, channelling a distinct Nineties vibe that exudes style and comfort.

Comfort reigns supreme, as evident by Kenzo’s fall/winter collection for 2023 where loose and extra-wide trousers took centre stage. Whether adorned with darts, zippers, pleats or elegant drapes, this trend makes a case for a free-flowing silhouette. In some instances, the trousers even mimic the appearance of skirts, as exemplified by Kenzo’s bold reinterpretation of this fashion-forward trend.

Everything Green: The colour of the moment


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The fashion landscape has been undergoing a green revolution, and the momentum is far from slowing down. It all began with Daniel Lee’s groundbreaking ‘Bottega Green’ explosion in 2021, an eye-catching hue that swept the fashion world, fittingly, like wildfire. Since then, the colour green has reigned supreme on runways worldwide, from the visionary displays at Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton shows to its more recent inclusion in Stüssy’s Fall ‘23 collection.

Even music royalty like Beyoncé turned heads and made a powerful statement while donning a Gaurav Gupta couture saree-inspired gown during her recent Renaissance tour, solidifying the status of vivid green as an absolute showstopper. From stand-out emerald green statement pieces that command attention to the more subtle sage accents that add a touch of intrigue to your personality, green offers a versatile palette. Whether you aim to steal the spotlight or subtly showcase the colour of the moment, green offers the touch you need to shine this season.

Men’s Skirts: Gender-bending fashion


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British actor Robert Pattinson boldly built a strong case for men’s skirts earlier in January this year by making a memorable appearance at the Dior show. Little did we know that his statement was just the beginning of a larger fashion movement. In an era where fashion is increasingly embracing gender neutrality, men’s skirts have stormed the runways.

Martine Rose played a pivotal role in igniting this trend when she closed Pitti Uomo with a collection featuring men confidently donning denim floor-length skirts. Etro’s collection saw men embracing long-length tartan skirts, effortlessly paired with oversized rugby shirts, while Dior’s latest fall/winter collection boasts of clean pleated and tweed skirts. 

You can pair one this season with an oversized hoodie and boots for an off-duty and edgy look, or you can dress up with knitted sweaters for a clean and sophisticated aesthetic. Regardless of how you style them, the message is clear – men’s skirts are no longer confined to the boundaries of traditional fashion norms. They represent a bold step toward a more inclusive and expressive fashion landscape where personal style knows no gender limits.

Clean Maxi Dresses: For the queens

Dude skirts? Check. What’s next? Maxi dresses! This is a trend you won’t want to miss out on if you’re aiming to channel a sophisticated and posh vibe this fall season. After all, maxi dresses were brought to the forefront of fashion by their prominent feature in Bottega’s fall/winter 2023 campaign.

These maxi dresses for men are essentially long knitted or cashmere slip dresses that embody quiet luxury without the burden of heavy logos or excessive embellishments. They themselves are enough to provide a complete and self-sufficient look, allowing the dress itself to be the focal point. It’s an invitation to transcend gender norms and embrace a refined style that’s both comfortable and individualistic.

Pixel Effect Coats: A futuristic fall awaits you


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Introduced by the young designer Pharrell Williams during his collaboration with Louis Vuitton for their spring-summer 2023 collection, Pixel Effect Coats are set to sizzle as one of the hottest fall fashion trends for men this year. Reason? It’s officially coat season! These coats boast a mesmerising pixelated pattern that exudes both creativity and style, making them a standout choice for fashion-forward dudes.

The trend is perfect to infuse a futuristic twist into your fall and winter wardrobe. To master this trend during the colder months, consider pairing your Pixel Effect Coat with neutral-coloured clothing and accessories. This minimalist approach will allow the vibrant pixel design to command the spotlight it deserves. Even female fashion icons like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid have been spotted donning these eye-catching coats. Their ability to effortlessly elevate any outfit during the colder months demonstrates their versatile and transformative nature.

XXL Collars: Go big or go home


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The shirt collars are getting bigger again this season, something we saw the likes of Harry Styles and Jared Leto rock in 2021. This fall, XXL collars are an indispensable detail, championed by fashion houses such as Dior Men, Prada and Wales Bonner who have all adopted it as their signature motif.

An XXL collar is a statement in itself and will infuse tons of retro-chic into your everyday fall look. British designer Charles Jeffrey showcased his take on this trend earlier this year at Loverboy, adorning his signature tartan work shirts with bold Eighties-style collars. Meanwhile, at Prada, the collaboration of Miuccia and Raf resulted in the most unconventional design – sharp and dart-like collars that redefine the boundaries of fashion innovation. The message is clear: Go big or go home. 

Tabi Shoes: A fall must-have


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The Maison Margiela Tabi shoes, with their origins dating back to the 1980s, have resurfaced as a fashion sensation, gaining a good following among TikTokers and celebrities alike. These distinctive shoes stand out due to their traditional split-toe Japanese design, creating a unique hoof-like appearance that has captured the attention of pop stars like Dua Lipa and Nick Jonas in recent times.

What sets the Tabi shoes apart is their versatility, making them perfect for both red-carpet events and casual, off-duty styles. Their popularity among Gen Z fashion enthusiasts is undeniable, and it looks like these unconventional shoes are here to stay, not just for Fall 2023 but for many seasons to come. Whether you’re a fashion risk-taker or simply looking to make a statement with your footwear, the Tabi shoes are a must-have item for your fall wardrobe.

So there you have it, gents – the Fall 2023 fashion trends for men that are rewriting the rules of fashion and giving you the perfect excuse to infuse creativity, comfort and a dash of audacity into your wardrobe.

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Fall Fashion For Men: Top 8 Trends To Cop This Season