Variety has reported that the Thai horror video game Home Sweet Home is being made into a movie, and it’s going to be filmed in Bangkok. 

If there’s one thing Thailand does right, it’s horror. Films like Shutter have become part of the horror hall of fame, so much so that Hollywood decided to do a remake, even though it didn’t really turn out great. Back in 2017, local developer Yggdrazil Group released Home Sweet Home, and attempted this time to make Thai horror known in video games. The game was a hit and received generally favourable reviews. Now, years later, Home Sweet Home is going to be made into a film.

Home Sweet Home, a popular Thai horror game, is getting a movie

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Variety reported a few days ago that German directors Alexander Kiesl and Steffen Hacker have been tapped to direct the film adaptation of the video game, which is going to be titled Home Sweet Home Rebirth. According to the article, the story of the film is going to deviate slightly from the game. The synopsis outlined by Variety tells of a cop who, after attempting to stop a shooter, is sent into an alternate realm where he must help stop an occultist from opening the gates of hell. 

The 2017 video game, however, puts the player in control of everyday man Tim, who’s being haunted by an otherworldly entity. What’s real and what’s not seems to be a blur, and he’s also looking for his wife who has gone seriously missing.

The game incorporated Thai supernatural folklore, and it seems that’s also going to be the case with the movie since it’s going to be shot in Bangkok “this fall”, according to the article. The addition of the word Rebirth may signal that this could be a sequel or prequel of sorts to the game though that’s yet to be revealed.

Additional details about the film should be revealed over the next couple of months so keep your eyes peeled. 

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