With the advent of AR and AI filters, platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have become hot places for people to try out wacky things. You can either choose a filter to create an older, wrinkly version of yourself, put virtual pet cats on your shoulder, or simply give your face the ‘Disney cartoon character’ treatment. We recently also stumbled upon the AI Yearbook trend that lets AI restyle a couple of your selfies in a retro 90s theme. The choices are endless!

However, in a sea of numb filters, there has emerged a social media trend so unique that it makes you look into your personality traits and might even make you question some aspects of your life.

If you have been exploring the vast realms of Instagram stories lately, you must have found several people taking a ‘Personality Test’. Yeah, a personality test that makes you go through a set of questions and, based on the answers you choose, determines who you really are underneath. Released on the occasion of the Taiwan Design Expo that runs from October 6 to October 22 in New Taipei City, this rather interesting quiz is available for everyone to try out for free of cost.

Since we had nothing better to do this weekend, we sat down and took the personality test. The outcome was rather shocking and we encourage all of you to try it out today.

Personality traits test goes viral on Instagram: How does it work?

Unlike the recent flurry of filters and trends that fall back on complex AI algorithms and advanced AR features, the personality test design by Taiwan Design Expo is just a simple quiz. On the basis of your answers to a rather interesting set of questions, it figures out certain character traits and presents them in a neat graphical report card at the end. The result determines your innate personality as well as your character traits from a total of 16 different personality types.

You can access the personality test here and we hope that it remains live even after the Taiwan Design Expo ends on October 22 because the outcome is shockingly accurate.

How to take the personality test?

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Image Credits: Courtesy Taiwan Design Expo

Keep in mind that the test is hosted on a website and is not associated with any social media platform. You also don’t need to fill in any personal details for the test to work. Now, here’s a simple four-step guide to follow:

Step 1: Begin by clicking here.

Step 2: Once you head over to the homepage, tap on the ‘Start’ button and begin the test.

Step 3: The test will throw a set of 12 questions at you. You need to choose your answer from the provided options*. Each of the questions is accompanied by an animated graphical background.

Step 4: Once you complete answering all the questions, you simply need to fill in your name to generate the final report.

*You should take your sweet time while choosing the options to make the results more accurate.

The report lists down your personality type, innate personality and personality traits, all laid neatly out in a graphical table. It even shows the kind of personalities you are most compatible with! You can choose to download the report in the form of a JPG image and share it with your friends.

Before you take the test, here’s some advice that should do you good. Don’t be disheartened if you see something you don’t like, since this is more of a fun quiz rather than a certified professional tool to gauge your personality. It is, by no means, the last word on who you are. To quote from Batman Begins (2005), “it’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you.”

(Hero and Featured Image Credits: Courtesy Bruce Mars via Unsplash)

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How To Take The Taiwan Design Expo Personality Test Trending On Instagram Right Now