It can be quite difficult to wrap your mind around the concept of an Apple car. For a brand that still considers a smartphone display with a high refresh rate to be elite enough for its USD 1,200 smartphone, Apple could make unreasonable decisions while designing its first car. After all, the Apple car rumours have pretty much been all over the place. Not to mention, some people have had their imaginations run wild.

Will Apple decide to do away with the steering wheel on its car because it needs to use that space for better AC airflow (won’t be the first time Apple has removed a key feature), even though Tesla has already experimented with something similar and it didn’t work? Or will Apple make the iPhone a key necessity while driving its car? More importantly how much of the rumours doing the rounds are actually true? One can only imagine the Apple car making the Tesla Model S seem generic and that’s saying something! After all, Tim Cook and his team have never shied away from thinking out of the box.

Although Apple’s vision (pun not intended) is set on the Vision Pro mixed reality headset in the near future, industry insiders keep discussing the possibilities of an Apple car launching in a few years. Huawei, which is Apple’s biggest rival from China, has already ventured into the smart transportation segment with the Aito and Luxeed brands, recently revealing luxurious smart cars and MPVs to challenge Tesla’s cars. In that regard, Apple is trailing significantly, especially since it’s only a matter of time before Samsung and other brands also jump into the auto segment.

However, as mentioned above, the Apple car is a real possibility and as such, we are actively exploring all the rumours surrounding this mysterious car that could potentially revolutionise the way we look at mobility (or if nothing else, it could make for some truly hilarious memes).

A round-up of all the Apple car rumours

The first question most people have on their minds is simple –“Why is the Apple car even being planned?”

There can be many ways to look at this. The most obvious is that Apple doesn’t want to miss out on a lucrative opportunity. After all, if Tesla’s skyrocketing shares in the past four years are anything to go by, EVs are the future. Not to mention, Apple is notorious for trapping users (or enhancing their experience, depending on how you look at it) in the Apple ecosystem.

Advancements in tech and software have also revolutionised cars in the past decade, with Google setting a fine example through its Android Automotive system that powers cars from Volvo, Rivian, Audi, Ford, Chevrolet and others. Drivers of these vehicles are going to get a far better user experience if they rely on an Android smartphone. On the other hand, brands like Tesla and Nio are interested in creating their own ecosystem of devices and trying to earn more with software-based feature packs.

apple car rumours
Representational Image: Courtesy Lucid Motors

For example, the Chinese automaker Nio recently released a smartphone that improves the user experience of a Nio vehicle driver. Similarly, there have been rumours of a Tesla smartphone offering special features to make life easier for a Tesla driver, although Elon is too busy tweaking X, erstwhile Twitter, to earn more bucks out of keyboard-friendly users instead of building a Tesla smartphone (the jury is still out on how successful that endeavour will be).

It’s also not too difficult to imagine Apple designing certain smart features for mobility solutions that will work specifically with the Apple car if you have an iPhone. For example, you could need an iPhone to authorise your entry into the vehicle, stream music via Apple Music, use Find My to search for your car and its parking spot and even use Siri for basic car controls. The possibilities are endless.

What are the Apple car rumours hinting at?

Initially, the Apple car, which is also known as Project Titan internally and the iCar by others, was expected to be a technological leap for the passenger car, visualised to usher into an autonomous future. Many had conceptualised the Apple car to be an aerodynamic pod on wheels with giant panoramic windows, lounge-style seats, minimalist interiors and everything else the mind can imagine. However, the dreamy references took a back seat over the years and as reality seeped in, it became clearer that the Apple car could end up being just a conventional sedan or SUV with a smart infotainment system.

Thanks to a bunch of recent rumours, we now expect the first-generation Apple car to be centred around the iPhone. Similar to how Mercedes Benz developed its MB.OS operating system for its all-electric EQ lineup, Apple will also introduce a car-centred operating system based on iOS. Similar to the Mercedes cars, the forked version of iOS on the Apple car could offer a convenient user interface with easy access to crucial vehicle features and possibly, a good infotainment system. Think of the Apple CarPlay interface that constantly keeps evolving at the WWDC event but BIGGER.

Will the Apple car be all-electric?

It would be odd if Apple chose to stick to an internal combustion engine instead of an electric motor.

Some of the most technologically advanced cars today rely on an electric powertrain solely to achieve the next generation of smart features. An electric car allows far greater digital control over its drivetrain and other systems. At the same time, an electric car will also help reduce Apple’s carbon footprint which, as it turns out, perfectly aligns with its goals of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.

apple car rumours
Representational Image: Courtesy Lucid Motors

That said, there’s also a possibility that Apple could consider a Hydrogen fuel cell powertrain as an alternative option. For the uninitiated, cars with hydrogen fuel cells offer the same kind of convenience as a petrol-powered car but with the added benefit of H2O emissions instead of carbon.

Will the Apple car be a sports car?

Based on all the Apple car rumours we have heard so far, it seems like Apple could go the Tesla way with its first car. In fact, the first few generations of Apple cars could focus on practicality and touring. You can expect to see SUVs and crossovers from Cupertino instead of a drop-top sportscar, although we won’t be surprised if the ‘Pro’ moniker is used for the performance versions of its cars.

Will the Apple car have mixed reality baked in?

If Apple can announce the Vision Pro mixed reality headset in 2023, we can certainly expect the iPhone maker to make mixed reality a central part of the driving experience. Modern luxury cars from BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz and others already feature heads-up displays as an innovative way to inform the driver without letting them take their eyes off the road. With Apple’s expertise in mixed reality, you can expect the Apple car to project more information such as navigational directions from Apple Maps, music playback controls and a lot more on the car’s windscreen. Audi recently pulled off something similar in its upcoming Audi Q6 e-Tron SUV for the driver.

Will it support Android Auto?

This is a question that Tim Cook certainly won’t like to answer but if the EU can force Apple to put the USB-C connector on the iPhone 15, it can definitely pass a law to make the Apple car support Android phones as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What is Apple’s Project Titan?
The Apple Project Titan is rumoured to be an internal codename for the upcoming Apple car.

– When is the Apple car expected to launch?
The Apple car is now expected to break cover in 2026, if everything goes according to plan.

– What are the rumoured features of the Apple car?
The Apple car is now rumoured to include autonomous driving features limited to the highways, a bold new design and lots of smart features that perfectly complement Apple’s ecosystem.

– Which battery will be used in the Apple car?
Apple is rumoured to rely on LFP batteries for its first electric car. LFP batteries are cheaper to manufacture as well.

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Apple Car Rumours: What We Know So Far About Tim Cook’s Likely Foray Into Smart Cars