The thrilling Star Wars TV series Ahsoka aired its finale episode earlier this month, leaving fans buzzing with excitement and wondering about the possibility of Ahsoka season 2 popping up on their TV screens in the near future.

Starring Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano, this Disney+ series portrays the epic mission to foil the return of the menacing Grand Admiral Thrawn, and in the process, takes our protagonists on epic adventures to distant galaxies.

Dave Filoni, the creator of this series, has been weaving intricate tales around beloved characters from the Star Wars universe. His world-building journey began with The Mandalorian and has now expanded to multiple shows, including The Book of Boba Fett. The ultimate goal is a feature film directed by Filoni himself, and the conclusion of Ahsoka season 1 has left fans with fascinating possibilities, especially with our heroine, Ahsoka, stranded alongside Sabine Wren in another galaxy.

Well, there is a high possibility that Ahsoka season 2 might hit our screens before the big movie. Though not officially confirmed, reports from Deadline suggest it’s a strong possibility. Given the success of The Mandalorian and the need to tie up the ‘Mandoverse’ storyline, it seems likely that Lucasfilm will green-light a second season.

So, if you’re excited to see Ahsoka’s journey continue, here’s everything we know about the potential release date, plot and characters of Ahsoka season 2.

‘Ahsoka’ season 2: Is it happening?


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While Lucasfilm has yet to officially confirm Ahsoka season 2, the signs are promising.

Dave Filoni, as both Ahsoka’s showrunner and the visionary behind the upcoming Star Wars movie, has the influence and reputation to garner support for his projects. The show’s success and the overarching narrative in play make season 2 a lot more likely, even though it hasn’t gotten officially greenlit (yet).

Additionally, circumstantial evidence suggests that Ahsoka season 2 is already in the early stages of development and discussion. A Disney listing hinted at the same by labelling the current run as ‘season 1’, and social media posts initially referred to the final episode as a ‘series finale’ but later changed it to ‘season finale.’

Will we see our favourite characters returning? 

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The cast and crew of Ahsoka are enthusiastic about the prospect of season 2. Rosario Dawson, who portrays Ahsoka, was a vocal advocate for more episodes before season 1 aired. As for the creator, Dave Filoni’s passion for the Star Wars universe is evident through his continued involvement in new projects. 

Do we have a release date for ‘Ahsoka’ season 2?

ahsoka season 2
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If Ahsoka season 2 is in the pipeline, it won’t arrive anytime soon.

The recent Writer’s Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes have delayed production, impacting the early development of most projects. Pre-production is also a time-consuming process, and several Ahsoka actors might be occupied with The Mandalorian season 4. Filoni’s movie project adds further complexity to the timeline. While season 2 isn’t impossible, it will likely be delayed, pushing its release date to 2025.

Watch the trailer for ‘Ahsoka’ season 1 below: 

In the meantime, you can immerse yourself in the first season of Ahsoka, currently streaming on Disney+. This eight-episode miniseries began on August 22 2023 and concluded on October 3, earning positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Is Ahsoka season 2 confirmed?
As of now, Ahsoka season 2 has not been officially confirmed by Lucasfilm. However, there are strong indications that make it highly likely that a second season will happen.

– When is Ahsoka season 2 expected to be released?
While there is no official release date for Ahsoka season 2, we can anticipate that it won’t be coming to our screens in the immediate future. Production delays, the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike and the busy schedules of actors and creators may result in pushing the release date to at least 2025.

– What will be the plot of Ahsoka season 2?
Details about the plot remain a mystery at this time, much like its official confirmation.

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‘Ahsoka’ Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast And The ‘Mandoverse’ Explored