The Big Apple was ablaze with style, glamour and celebrities as the New York Fashion Week 2023 took the city by storm this past week. From stunning runway spectacles to epic afterparties, the fall/winter edition of this fashion extravaganza delivered a knockout punch of chic and cool. 

Front rows were graced by the rich and the famous, dressed to the nines and ready to slay the fashion game. Meanwhile, fashion designers themselves were in a playful mood, daring to break the rules and don shorts even after the sun had set – Thom Browne leading the charge with his sartorial audacity after his show!

From Peter Do’s dazzling debut on September 8 to Luar’s electrifying Spring/Summer 2024 showcase that concluded the fashion week on September 13, this year’s NYFW was a non-stop rollercoaster of fashion thrills.

However, the real stars of the New York Fashion Week 2023 were the celebrities who brought their A-game to the streets, turning the sidewalks and the front rows into a veritable catwalk. While the women continued to slay, it was the men that truly impressed us this year. And so, without further ado, here are our top picks for the best-dressed male celebrities at New York Fashion Week 2023. 

Best-dressed male celebrities at New York Fashion Week 2023

Austin Butler


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YSL Beauty’s global brand ambassador, Austin Butler made a striking appearance at a New York Fashion Week event celebrating the launch of the brand’s new men’s fragrance – MYSLF. The Elvis actor looked charming as hell in a monochromatic black ensemble that artfully experimented with a trucker jacket. To accentuate his look, he flanked a simple golden chain, perfectly balancing the clean lines of his outfit with a subtle detail. His tousled hair also added a touch of nonchalance, enhancing the overall swoon-worthy appeal of his ensemble.

Penn Badgley


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You star Penn Badgley made quite a statement at New York Fashion Week 2023 with his Gen-Z-inspired glam look. His ensemble exuded a vibrant party mood and showcased his fearless approach to fashion.

At the heart of his outfit was a sheer glitter polo shirt paired with high-waisted tailored trousers. The outfit struck the right balance between trendy and tailored, capturing the essence of contemporary style. Completing the look were shiny dress shoes that seamlessly tied the outfit together.

What set Penn’s look apart was the fusion of clean style with a touch of rugged charm. His curly locks and chest hair peeking out from the glittery polo shirt added a hint of individuality to his ensemble.

Well, we aren’t complaining about the OG Gossip Girl star dressing to the nines. And speaking of Gossip Girl

Evan Mock

Evan Mock is no noob to the world of fashion. Known for his signature pink buzzcut and effortlessly cool skater style, Mock graced the A/W 2023 COS Atelier show with a flawless ensemble tailored for the autumn season.

His impeccable outfit consisted of a white crew neck T-shirt paired with classic blue jeans, evoking a timeless aesthetic. Evan elevated his look with a striped sweater, casually thrown on and elegantly tied around his neck.

To complete his ensemble, he opted for chunky loafers, effortlessly rounding off his clean and chic vibe. For another outing at NYFW 2023, Evans rocked a denim-on-denim look which, once again, stole the spotlight.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X closed the Coach runway show last year at NYFW, but this time around, the rapper sat in the front row at the brand’s Spring/Summer 2024 show, held at Bryant Park. The ‘Industry Baby’ singer embraced an androgynous look that was giving us style and rebellion. He donned a striking white cropped blazer jacket which he artfully paired with a matching straight-fit skirt. Beneath the jacket, a black turtleneck added depth and contrast to his ensemble, showcasing his penchant for blending the classic with the contemporary.

To complete his look, Lil Nas X opted for sleek black boots that added an element of drama to his outfit. He also adorned himself with a funky waist chain and cool, statement sunglasses.

Oscar Isaac


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Oscar Isaac showcased his impeccable style at an after-party during NYFW. Embracing the bold and forward-thinking fashion statement of the season, he confidently rocked a shin-skimming blue pleated skirt by Thom Browne, a brand known for pushing the boundaries of fashion. His choice highlighted the rising trend of men’s skirts, a style that’s poised to dominate fall fashion this year.

To balance his striking skirt, Oscar paired it with a refined navy blue suit jacket. Underneath the jacket, a crisp white shirt and tie added a touch of sophistication to the ensemble. Not one to overlook the details, he adorned himself with Thom Browne’s signature four-bar socks and a pair of oxfords.

What’s fascinating is that Oscar has previously also made headlines for wearing a breezy skirt on the red carpet at the Moon Knight screening in London. During press events for the same in Berlin, he donned another pleated skirt by the New York-based label Commission, this time pairing it with a leather jacket.

James Marsden


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James Marsden, the epitome of timeless elegance, was one of the celebrity attendees at the star-studded Ralph Lauren show at the 2023 New York Fashion Week. Dressed in the signature RL navy striped tuxedo, he exuded a sense of refinement that is synonymous with the brand.

What set his look apart was the attention to detail; even his shirt boasted stripes, enhancing the overall monochromatic magic of his ensemble. With a clean-shaven face and neatly done hair,  Marsden accentuated the crisp and pristine aura of his look.

To complete the ensemble, he chose a pair of oxfords, adding the perfect finishing touch to his outfit.

Alton Mason


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Dressed in a striking yellow ensemble, American supermodel Alton Mason made a bold statement at the Victoria’s Secret ‘The Tour 23’ event during New York Fashion Week.

His outfit was a showstopper—a body-hugging playsuit featuring eye-catching zipper detailing that added an edgy and avant-garde touch to his look. Alton’s fun and distinctive braids perfectly complemented his outfit, adding more personality to his appearance.

To further elevate his high-fashion ensemble, he accessorised with a big, bold cross pendant and a pair of heeled boots. These accessories not only added an element of flair but also reinforced the overall high-fashion vibe he was channelling.

Noah Beck


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Noah Beck has to be one of the best-dressed men we spotted at New York Fashion Week this year.

The TikTok sensation was spotted gadabouting at the YSL after-party, embracing his ‘big louche suit energy.’ He exuded an air of effortless sophistication with his bold fashion choice showcasing his unique style.

Beck’s standout outfit was a baggy grey suit featuring oversized lapels, a daring departure from traditional suits. Underneath, he wore an undershirt with a scoop neck, adding a touch of casual flair to his look. The loose-fitting pants complemented the ensemble perfectly, contributing to the overall sense of relaxed yet well-put-together style.

To tie the whole look together, Noah wore a silver chain. Additionally, a black belt cinched his ensemble while also enhancing the silhouette.

So There you have it guys, the best-dressed male celebrities at New York Fashion Week 2023. These stylish gentlemen proved that fashion is not just about clothes, it’s about making a statement, pushing boundaries and owning your individual style.

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Best-Dressed Male Celebrities Who Graced The Front Row At New York Fashion Week 2023