Actor, environmentalist, multiple Academy Award winner—there’s simply nothing Leonardo DiCaprio cannot do. Well, except escape the jokes about him being unable to date anyone older than 25. As Leo is rumoured to have a new girlfriend in Vittoria Ceretti (25), we take a look at some of the best Leonardo DiCaprio memes on the internet to celebrate the occasion.

With award-winning films in his very large portfolio including Django Unchained, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Wolf of Wall Street, Don’t Look Up, and more, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those names people just know about. Ever since his breakthrough role as Jack from Titanic, he has been gracing the silver screens non-stop throughout the years. But even the biggest person in the world cannot escape being meme’d. In fact, that makes them more susceptible to being meme’d. Let us show you some examples of the best Leonardo DiCaprio memes on the internet right now, just as the star enters a new relationship, and the world’s most famous search engine gets too old for him.

The best Leonardo DiCaprio memes: Girlfriends, environmentalism, and the 25-year age limit

Google turns 25, and waking up to these Leo DiCaprio memes is already the highlight of my day

This one is even better

The man has specific limits and he makes it known

We still stan Vittoria Ceretti though

Her days are numbered smh

And here’s one for our Spanish friends:

Is Leonardo DiCaprio done doing CSR now?

Oh, prison, honey

Rumours say he tried that and fell to the floor mouth foaming

Unlike Leo DiCaprio’s former girlfriends:

Lastly, we see him turning back and running immediately

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